Thursday, June 7, 2012

Still Here

Sorry for the lack in posting. If this doesn't cheer you up I don't know what will

"Creating product—wearable, salable clothes that girls want."-Proenza Schouler
Precisely that. 
You're killing me.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just a Little Something I Whipped Up

 Photo by Steve Eichner
A little beauty, a little social media, a lot of women + Aveda, Bobbi Brown & Estee Lauder.
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Monday, April 16, 2012

An Invigorating Adaption

A couple of weeks ago, I expressed my sadness of Raf Simons leaving Jil Sander.  But last week, Christian Dior announced Simons will come on aboard as creative director. It only take a year for the decision to be made final, but a great one I must admit. The fashion media has of course written and re-reported articles on the new switcheroo.  Everyone has had a similar reaction. Exhibit A: But he's a minimalist, how will that fit in with the Dior Aesthetic? 
Stop you're worrying.  
Don't get frantic and have an anxiety attack.  
Eric Wilson from the New York Times wrote an unbiased article with some quotes from Ken Downing and Mark Holgate I very much appreciated.  
Both Ms. Fargo and Ken Downing, the fashion director of Neiman Marcus, championed Mr. Simons as the right designer for the role, citing, in Mr. Downing’s case, “the Dior-esque sensibility” of his last show. As Mr. Simons moved the house forward, Jil Sander was less and less about minimalism, Mr. Downing said.  
And Mark Holgate took the words out of my mouth. “The more original voices you have in fashion, the better,” he said. “I’m excited because I don’t know quite what to expect in July.” 

I'm cyked to see what the future holds.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easy Does It

This editorial from Vogue Spain is perfection.
The styling, the hair, it's all so effortless.
Enjoy the New York weather!
Because it's incredibly unpredictable.

Monday, April 9, 2012

No Longer is "The World at Her Feet"

Okay, I admit, I'm jealous of Jane Aldridge's shoe collection, but after reading this re-report from NY Mag I'm mildly disgusted by the popular blogger. Texas Monthly journalist, Jason Sheeler wrote "The World at Her Feet", a mini exposé on the blogger's daily grind. Aldridge claims that the quotes Sheeler attribute were "blatantly made up".  BS. Riddle me this: Why would a publication that thoroughly fact checks their copy make up such ridiculous quotes?  Her snobbish approach was not at all relatable. Exhibit A: Jane smooths her half-tucked, sheer white blouse. I tell her I think it’s a cool shirt. “Really? I think it’s, like, Splen-did,” she says with a grimace, sounding out the mall brand with the horror of someone being forced to say “ointment.” She nicked the shirt from her sister’s closet; Carol, who is seventeen, is in her first year of boarding school in Wales. “I’m getting my hair dyed in a bit and, you know, what if it messes up my shirt?” Splendid may not be the most fashion forward brand, but the tops start at $60. Her blog is meant to be aspirational to her readers but, she comes off as an embarrassment to bloggers and the fashion world.  

Sheeler recalls a moment in Aldridge's home "Jane sprawls on the floor in pale jeans, underneath a framed black and white photograph of Grey Gardens’ Little Edie." 
The story of Grey Gardens seems like an accurate description of what Jane and her mother Judy could turn into. 

A word of advice:
Be careful that you don't turn into the Bouvier Beales...
They may have been quite remarkable...
but I'm sorry to say Jane Aldridge will never live up to that. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter with a Side of Pesach

Spring is in the air.
Matzah makes you constipated.
And I don't understand the point of eggs on Easter.
Happy Holidays from a Jew on Easter.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This is what hippies would wear if they were hip.
I know...
I'm SO clever.